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We accept your booking

by phone, email and booking sites

We accept your booking by phone, email and the booking sites (, Airbnb) 

If you have any questions about booking or facilities, please contact us.

TEL: 080-9799-0094

(Phone hours: 9:00-21:00 )


[About the facility]

・This guesthouse is without meals. There is a kitchen in the room, so feel free to use it. We serve course dinner from 3,000 yen at the adjoining bar (drink not included). If you would like it, please contact us by the day before at 3pm.


・The bar is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you reserve the day before, we can open on normal day.


・Check-in time is 3PM-8PM, check-out before 10AM. Please tell us as soon as you know the approximate check-in time. When you check-in and check-out, please come to large log house with green roof. When you arrive after 8PM to 10PM, you should pay 500 yen per person as late check-in. The final check-in time is 10PM.

You can’t check in after 10PM.


When searching our guesthouse on a map, PLEASE SEARCH  for "Guesthouse EL CAMPO".  

Copying this address may lead you to the wrong place.

Latitude and longitude is (32.659112,131.165185), Map-code is (330 545 663*55).


Location : “Guesthouse EL CAMPO”

Weather Forecast : (search 882-1201, Miyazaki)


・In winter(November-April), 1,000 yen per group is added as a heating fee. (it is included in the displayed price.)


[About payment]

・You can pay by cash or credit card when your check-in.


[About cancellation]

・In case of cancellation, please be sure to contact us by e-mail or telephone "by the day before the scheduled stay date".Please note that we may charge a cancellation fee.


[For travelers with children]

・Child from 0 to 2 years old will sleep with parents on the same futon. If you need a separate futon for your child, it costs 1,500 yen per person. Please tell us by the day before.

・We prepare kids item for staying(ex: Bambo, step, ect…). If you want to have more informations, please let us know by this chat.


The booking from and Airbnb will be more expensive than direct booking ​because brokerage fee included. Please note that.
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