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Making pizza

"Villa corasita" is a place where you can experience cooking in the stylish house that like Italian countryside.

You can make pizza using a wood stove.

【Business hours】

Daytime 11-14/ Evening 17-19


Adult (up13 years old ) 3,850 yen

Child 1,650 yen

*Reservation required at least 5 days in advance

*We accept reservations for 4 to 8 people.

​Click here for reservations “Corasita”​


Kamairi-Tea tasting

At Miyazaki Sabo, which produces the rare "Kamairi(pot-fried)-tea", you can experience tasting several types of tea. You can enjoy the flavor and taste that changes depending on the type of tea leaves.

If you find a tea you like, you can buy it on the spot.


From 1,000 yen (reservation required)

Click here to make a reservation "Miyazaki Sabo"


Gokase Highland Ski Resort

It is the southernmost natural ski resort in Japan.

The course is a paradise course, a dynamic course, and a family slope that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Snowboarding is also possible on the entire surface, and the snow quality is good, and it is crowded with many visitors every year. There are student discounts and accommodation discounts that can be used if you stay at an accommodation facility in the town, so please feel free to ask the staff.


​Gokase Highland Ski Resort




Takachiho-go and Mt. Shiiba registered as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. We hold events that combine agriculture, food, and nature experiences. The content of the event is diverse, including harvesting soybeans and onions, experiencing Japanese cotton, and making soba noodles.

Please check SNS etc. as it is held irregularly.

Let's go to Yama-school!


Mt. Shiraiwa

At an altitude of 1,620m, it belongs to the Kyushu Chuo-Sanchi Quasi-National Park.It is a treasure trove of alpine plants.

Limestone peak plant community has been designated as a natural monument of the prefecture.

Of the more than 400 species of alpine plants, 60 are unique to Iwamine.


Playing in the river

Gokase Town, which is located upstream of the Gokase River, is a great spot for playing in the river during the summer.

There is a playground that even small children can enjoy in a 10-minute walk from our inn.

It's a great place for families with children, as it's accessible by car.

​There are other riverside spots, so please ask the staff.


Making Kamairi-Tea

Kamairi(pot-fried) tea is the specialty of Gokase. Kamairi tea is the rare green tea that accounts for only 0.3% of Japan's green tea production .

It has a clear golden color, is less astringent and bitter than steamed green tea, and has a rich aroma.

You can experience making such that tea .


2,000 yen (reservation required, depending season)


Click here to make a reservation "Miyazaki Sabo"


Canoe/SUP/e-bike experience

The canoeing and SUP experience that you can enjoy while entrusting yourself to the clear stream is exhilarating.

​Electric bike tours are also fun.A professional guide will accompany you, so you can enjoy it with confidence from children to the elderly.

It will be a complete reservation system.

Prices vary depending on the schedule and course, so please contact us for details.

Shizen-ya Kawajin


Forestpia Footpath

The footpath where you can walk and experience the untouched nature and townscape of Takachihogo. You can walk around the 4-6km course and feel the life of the locals. There are 5 courses in town that can be enjoyed by individuals or by guided tours (reservation required). You can enjoy it even more if you have a local guide who is familiar with the history, culture, and nature of the village.

​Forestpia Footpath​



Kiritachigoe is an ancient road that follows the ridges of Mt. Kosaka (1684m), Mt. Shiraiwa (1620m) and Mt. Ougi (1661m) in the backbone mountains of Kyushu. It is a historical road, the road over Shiiba where Heike fugitives fled, and the road where goods were transported by horse from Higo (Mamihara).

Mt. Shiraiwa, famous for its alpine plant community, Mt.

You can see rare alpine flowers from spring to autumn.

​Kiritachigoe is here


Yamame no Sato

Yamame fishing is possible in a natural mountain stream with no structures. Experience the wild with fishing!                                                                     You can cultivate a wild camping feeling.

​ Yamame no Sato


Watching Stars

Gokase town located at an altitude of 600m, so you can enjoy the beautiful starry sky all year round.

Especially in winter, the starry sky seen in the clear and dignified air is a masterpiece.

​You can enjoy it from our guesthouse. If you drive up to the ski lift platform (about 30 minutes), you will be able to enjoy the starry sky as if you were in another world. 

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