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Jugaad Bros Donuts

The donut shop that opened in July 2022. From classic to fruit-flavoured donuts, jewel-like donuts are lined up. Vegan-friendly donuts and curries (weekdays only) are also available.


102-1 Mamihara,Yamato, Kumamoto

【Business hours】

10:30-16:00 (finished as soon as it runs out)

Irregular holidays




It's a bookstore in a shopping district, but you can enjoy coffee and cakes.

It is a comfortable space where you can enjoy talking with your husband and wife.

The selection of books is also interesting, and it is a perfect shop for those who love reading.


10707-7 Sangasho, Gokase, Miyazaki

【Business hours】

10:30-18:00 Closed on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays



Special product center gokase

We offer set meals, curry, udon, etc. "Tokuhorudon" using Miyabe Butcher's special hors is exquisite.

There are tatami mats, children's chairs, and tableware, so it's safe to bring children.


98-1 Sangasho, Gokase, Miyazaki 

【Business hours】

10:30-16:00 Closed only on New Year's Day



Kijiya Itsuse

The restaurant on the first floor of Hotel Kijiya is a Miyazaki-certified “local production for local consumption restaurant”.

We use ingredients nurtured by the rich nature of Gokase, such as yamame trout, shiitake mushrooms, and Miyazaki beef. The beer garden is also held from July to September every year.


9223 Sangasho, Gokase, Miyazaki 

【Business hours】

Lunch 11:00-15:00

Dinner 17:00-21:00 Closed on Tuesdays



Bread Yamagen

Natural yeast bread is lined up. We also sell scones, pies, and cakes made with seasonal fruits.Eat-in is also possible.

The recommendation is Yamagen's original Gara Gara Don.


325-1 Ohno, Yamato, Kumamoto 

【Business hours】

10:00-16:00 Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays




It's a restaurant that serves delicious udon noodles, and the bookshelves are filled with comics. After business hours, we do massage as a “healing place Kurun”.

(Women mainly, men need consultation. reservation the day before)

We also hold an event called "Kurun Nikonne" four times a year (April, June, October, December).


9719-1 Sangasho, Gokase, Miyazaki

【Business hours】

Cafeteria: 11:30-15:00

Massage 15:00-19:00​ Irregular holidays




It operates as a set restaurant during the day and as an izakaya at night. We recommend the owner's charcoal-grilled free-range chicken.

There are also terrace seats, so on a hot summer day, you can enjoy a drink outside while cooling down.


1287-3 Sangasho, Gokase, Miyazaki

【Business hours】

Lunch 11:00-13:30 (L.O.13:15)

Izakaya 17:30-21:30 (L.O. 21:00)

​  Closed on Mondays

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