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Weeping cherry blossoms at Josen Temple

The 300-year-old weeping cherry tree in the precincts of the old temple "Josen-ji".
It is said that saplings were brought back from Gion, Kyoto, and planted in the Edo period, and are designated as a natural monument of Miyazaki.


【Best time to see】

Late March to early April


8701 Sangasho,Gokase,Miyazaki

​About 15 minutes by car




Shirataki Falls with a drop of 60m looks like a white cloth hanging on a sheer cliff, and the contrast with the autumn leaves is particularly wonderful.

*Though you can drive to the front of the waterfall, there are places where it is difficult to drive it up and down. Please be careful with vehicles with a low vehicle height or a vehicle with a wide vehicle width.

【Best time to see】

Late October to early November


Aradani Kuraoka, Gokase, Miyazaki

​○ Directions is here 

(About 25 minutes by car)


Gion Shrine

It is said that the Gion Shrine in Yasaka-go, Yamashiro Province was enshrined, and it is a shrine that is carefully enshrined as the tutelary deity of the Kuraoka district.

The annual festival in summer is called "Gion-san", and the big festival in autumn is called "Okunchi".

◯ Summer Festival: July 15th

◯ Fall Festival: October 9th


6066 Kuraoka, Gokase, Miyazaki

​About 5 minutes by car



Takachiho, the town where myths and legends reside, is full of sightseeing spots. Starting with "Takachiho Shrine", you can enjoy "Takachiho Gorge" by boat, "Amaterasu Railway" where you can enjoy the superb view by riding a trolley, and "Amanoiwato Shrine" surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere.

​Enjoy the nature and mystery of Takachiho.

​About 30 minutes by car


Unoko Waterfall

With a drop of 20m and a basin area of 5,000㎡, this magnificent waterfall is surrounded by strangely shaped rocks with columnar joints.
There is also a promenade from Sangasho Iwagami, so you can experience the power of the waterfall up close.



​○ Directions is here

More details


Myoken Shrine

There is the spring called "Fountain of 400 million years". It has been selected as one of the 100 best waters of the Heisei era, and many people from all over come here to draw water.


5640 Kuraoka, Gokase, Miyazaki

​About 10 minutes by car


Heitate Shrine

The shrine that is said to be Takamagahara of the age of the gods and retains traditions and forms of old beliefs. In the precincts, there are sacred cypress trees that are said to have descended from the heavens as divine spirits of Kamurogi and Kamuromi in ancient times. 


761 Ohno, Yamato, Kumamoto

​About 5 minutes by car



Aso is a place where many legends live as the place where the gods live. Daikanbo in Aso is a scenic spot that you want to visit once in a lifetime. Autumn is the best season, and the sea of clouds creates a magical atmosphere. It is also a place where you can enjoy magnificent nature such as Kusasenrigahama Beach and Shirakawa Suigen.

About 1hour by car

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